Sin Fronteras: A Benefit for Mexican Political Prisoners

Compartimos esta invitación a un evento solidario con l@s pres@s polític@s de México en Oakland:

Come to Qilombo Community Center on Sunday April 6th at 6pm to hear about support forming for political prisoners in Mexico from people working on various campaigns for political prisoners in Mexico City as well as Soy 132 Bay Area and the support work they are doing for a political prisoner in Guerrero. Hear how these networks of support are formed and help sustain growing resistance across borders.

Funds from this event will be going to comrades arrested on October 2nd 2013 at a demonstration in Mexico City commemorating the 1968 state massacre of UNAM students.

In a time when state repression is heightening and ever growing networks of surveillance and infiltration seek to destroy resistance, solidarity becomes an important weapon against these tactics. Mexico has been a site of inspiring rebellion and resistance for decades and state repression has been especially brutal for those who stand up, so please come learn more and support!!



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